compression testing machine for concrete
compression testing machine for concrete compression testing machine for concrete compression testing machine for concrete compression testing machine for concrete

compression testing machine for concrete

Model Number: YAW
Power: Hydraulic
Usage: Compression Testing Machine
Usage 1: For compression test
Usage 2: For bending test
Standard: ASTM ISO EN JS,etc
Sample mateirals: comcrete,cement,stone,etc
Certificates: CE ISO,etc
Packaging Details Standard export package for YAW cement testing equipment used automatic compression testing machine for concrete testing

Model YAW-300E Full Automatic Cement Flexural and Compression Testing Machine


This machine is equipped with high precision digital servo valve for measurement and control system, with force closed-loop control functions, can be realization of the loading rate or the stress loading rate, good reliability ,fully meet the standard of ”GB/T 17617  test method of cement adhesive sand strength (ISO method)”, adopting computer to achieve electronic measurement, automatic do compression test ,automatic calculation and print result, which widely used in the construction industry and cement production enterprises . 

Control System:

The system includes servo motor, ball lead screw, high precision sensor, controller and software with the performance of high precision and stable performance. It can meet the standard of GB, ISO, ASTM requirements to the cement, sand pulp and concrete material. 

Load measurement system:

1. 220V power voltage. it is easily to install in laboratory

2. Servo motor drive, it is better than traditional oil pressure model .will solve the problem of oil leakage, valve stuck and so on

3. Zero noise

4. High precision load sensor, test measurement range 2%-100%.

5. Quality is much better than oil pressure model, such as do not change oil every year, save oil charge cost, no wearing parts and competitive price/cost ratio. Software can be English version

 Safety protection device:

When the test force exceeds 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection and the motor stop of the oil pump.

When the piston rises to the upper limit position, the limit protection is used, and the motor of the oil pump is stopped. . 


Flexural test load
Max. load (kN)
Measure Scale(kN)
Load accuracy
< ±1%
< ±1%
Distance between upper and lower platen(mm)
Max distance between the right and 
left columns
Size of upper and lower platen(mm)
Dimension (mm _
Motor power (KW )
Weight (KG )

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